About Us

Gekay PPE is the PPE channel of Gekay, a family-owned and family-operated business that provides products for a wide variety of industries. 

Gekay decided to create Gekay PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic to help individuals and businesses to get access to all of the key personal protective equipment that they need. Gekay PPE's mission is to help people to stay safe and to protect themselves from various infections, especially COVID-19. 

Here at Gekay PPE, we sell a wide variety of PPE products including: 

  • Face Masks

  • Hand Sanitizer 

  • Alcohol Wipes

  • Contactless Thermometers 

If you need personal protective equipment, then you have come to the right place. Gekay PPE cares deeply about all of our customers and meeting your PPE needs is our top priority. 

If you're interested in larger, bulk orders, please contact nwilliamson@gekay.com or call 413-310-5751